Goddess of Discord

I can't help but chuckle at your serious misfortune upon stumbling into Tartarus, my glorious domain of entropy.

Welcome mere mortal, and welcome fellow god, whichever you may be. Either of which, I wish you well, for you won't last long where chaos reigns...

(Independent Role Player - Will RP with anyone! I claim no rights to Dreamworks' Eris, nor Rachel Weisz. Many photo-manipulations are my own.)

A gift befitting the Sultan


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News of Jafar’s reign swept through the universe faster than spilledwater through a sieve. Humanity feared the new rule, the God’s feared for Humanity, and there sat Eris upon her throne in Tartarus, smiling at the very thought of such a distinguished man ruling such a grand country. 

“Hmm… Jafar… How terribly thrilling.” She stated allowed to know one in particular. She played with her swirling hair, twisting it around her finger absentmindedly as the sands of chaos shifted around her. “Perhaps it’s time to give this once Vizier a congratulatory visit…” She smiled and faded into the sands on her way to do just that.

The palace was quiet minus the slight bustling of servants running their last minute chores. The Goddess hoped to find Jafar unattended, and thus decided to wait upon a lavish middle-eastern chaise lounge, her hair framing her face quite perfectly, and she had decided to don some Arabian garb to better honor the new Sultan. Shadows littered the room, and she was thankful for her position as it would conceal her from view upon first entry of the room. 

She didn’t wait long for Jafar to enter, as she had waited well into the evening. She eyed him with desire and admiration: he did after all, work quite diligently for his new position. Letting her tongue caress her lips to wet them before she spoke, she propped herself up slightly on the lounge and let a deep whisper escape her mouth, “Hello Jafar…”

Jafar had made his way into the lounge room with a few scripts in hand. It had been another successful day for the sultan in regards to his newly passed laws. He was positioning himself so that less decisions would be made without him. At first it had been focused on the merchants of the marketplace, but now it was moving towards the other sectors of Agrabah’s rugged economy. Being a man that had much experience in bookkeeping, it was something he knew to get control of. Though he wasn’t a man who cared for money, he knew what strings to pull.

Placing the scrolls at the desk, something had caught the corner of Jafar’s eye. That’s when the sultry voice ran down his spine, practically delicious and fulfilling in only the welcome and of his name.

He turned slowly, the flames of the room lighting against Eris’ curves in the most appealing of ways. Jafar could only smirk to the sight, noticing she was wearing something other than that purple gown of hers. Whether it was to blend into the culture or to please him, Jafar didn’t care to give it much thought.

“Eris. To what do I owe the pleasure, my dear goddess?” Now with a grin lacing his lips he had made his way across the room towards her.

The goddess smiled, enjoying the way his eyes scanned her frame. “Oh please, the pleasure is mine.” She rose, bits of sheer fabric falling down her body like a waterfall. “Of course, I’m hear to congratulate you.” She smirked, flicking a bit of her hair from her face, “You’re finally Sultan. How thrilling for you.” She walked to him, letting a finger run down his arm. “I’m sure you have the kingdom eating out of the palm of your hand.” She smiled, tilting her head to the side, her mouth left in a slight playful pout. “I thought it proper to bring you a gift…” She moved passed him, letting herself walk like a mortal; she found that floating was easier, the saunter of a woman and utilizing her curves was far more advantageous than the near motionless glide she usually adapted. “Tell me Jafar, how has the crown suited you thus far?”

Anonymous asked: "are you real?"

"Am I real!?" The Goddess looked at the grey face with disdain. "How dare you even insinuate my lack of authenticity!"

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“Oh? And who might you be?”

Eris tried not to pout, and concealed her disappointment in wrath, “Really!? Hades, that pig…” She eyed the girl before her, knowing precisely to whom she was speaking. Meg was curvaceous, feisty and the perfect tool for Eris to conduct some various acts of mischief. After all, Helen of Troy brought about the war of the centuries. Men were all too eager to fight over a woman. “I, my dear mortal, am Eris, Goddess of Discord.” She spun her finger in the air, causing a slight tornado of dust to swirl round it.


"Miss me?"

The Goddess of Chaos emerged from the shadows, allowing herself to walk rather than glide upon the floor. With each step, her hips swayed, framed perfectly by her Grecian gown. She seductively waltzed up to the Frenchman, letting her finger glide up his jaw line as she circled him, and upon walking behind him, whispered in his ear, “…because I missed you.” 

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“Well aren’t you the impressive being…” Anya was tired and a little bothered by the consistent amount of individuals following her.

((But her RPer is FANGIRLING!!!))

Eris brow raised and flames ignited in her eyes. Trying desperately to swallow the rage that was billowing within her, she commented, “Impressive? No darling, hardly. Terrifying is more like it.”

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"Really boy. Just because you think you’re the chosen one doesn’t mean you can go stalking about behind a goddess’s back…" Eris was less than amused. The nerve…

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Anyone up for a starter??? 

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“You look too sweet to follow the Goddess of Discord…” Eris eyed the girl with palest of skin, the goddess’s curiosity was raging, but she felt no need to frighten the girl, least not yet.

“Oh I didn’t mean to follow you, I’m just going the same way.” Snow White pointed to the worn dirt path leading toward the forest up ahead of them. She did a nervous little curtsy. “Are you really the goddess of discord?” She asked. The girl should have been more frightened of Eris but her encounter with Hades, who she felt was actually very nice, made her think the same might be true for this particular deity. 

Eris clucked her tongue at the girl’s misfortune for taking the same path. Her brow raised, “I see… just going the same way… uh-huh…” She crossed her arms and leaned back, surveying the girl before her. “You’re adorable, I’ll admit, and yes, I really am the Goddess of Discord… I.e. I can make your life quite miserable…” She chuckled slightly, “So then, where are you headed dear?”

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“Oh my…” *smiles devilishly*

“Good evening, miss.” His eyebrows rose at her appearance as a coy smile crossed his features. “Who might you be?”

Eris was initially taken by the man’s handsome and enchanting air, until he asked who she was. She gritted her teeth, OH HELL! SERIOUSLY!?, her fists were clenched and she closed her eyes to hopefully contain the rage that boiled through her veins. Letting out a stream of smoke from her lips, she relaxed her shoulders and pulsed her fists. Clearing her throat, she opened her eyes and smiled at the man. “I,” she paused for dramatic effect, “am Eris, Goddess of Discord. And you are whom?” She shook her head in hopes to vanquish the last of her irritation, her hair billowing about her face.

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"Oh my…" *smiles devilishly*

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